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good live from the kgo broadcast center this, is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. thanks norris joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. had a little fog at the coast. yesterday we did warm up, but certainly not as much as we thought. today the warmup continues and the fog still is situated at the shoreline. so the winds have not switched totally to a northerly gradient, but we are clear inland. 40s and 50s to start on out. we will look for the warmup to continue throughout midday. by noontime, 70s and 80s around the bay. still 50s at the coast but we are sunny. by 4:00 in the afternoon numbers will be upper 80s around the bay, upper 90s inland and 60s at the coast. it will be a warm evening and the fog will be away from the coast the next couple of days,
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but how warm will our warmth last? i'll let you no in a couple minutes. >> all right. thank you, lisa. several bay area counties are preparing for the hot weather. they are opening cooling centers to help people deal with the heat. in santa clara county centers will be open in cooper tino and emergency began hill. contra costa county had three centers in san ramon and you can cool off in almeda county at three city libraries and the union city sports center. for more information go to and click on "see it on tv." now to an east bay political fight is turned physical. a richmond city councilman is said to file charges for a person who punched him in the head. we have the details. >> you ar ruud, and you are i am polite, and i'm sick of it. >> that's what corky, who is a
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richmond city council member, said a political rival yelled at him just before he was assaulted. >> the next thing i know i feel this big thud to the back of my head and my neckline and the back of my head and i'm going, wow, what was that? so i turn around to look, and i get a sock right in my right temple here. >> this video supplied to us by shawn of chevron, it shows a man being led away in handcuffs. this was thursday night. it appeared at a council members candidate meeting on the 1100 block of richmond. moore was taken into custody for misdemeanor assault, cited and released. moore who this e-mail in his defense. things got heated and i got in his face and said some pretty mean things, including calling him a bully and a coward. at that point corky punched me in the face and i tried to hit him back. an off-duty police officer saw
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moore punch the council member, not the other way around. and richmond police are also investigating what they called improper touching of a female by buze which they say is also a misdemeanor assault. he denies doing anything of the sort. >> because there's no charges pressed against me. there was conversation, but no charges. >> buze said he feels thursday seas violence is the sign ever things to come. the naacp and others will be at the council member to support him. gov. jerry brown has band agency to cut off velez phone service without a court order. that's what bart did during a protest against a police shooting back in august of 2011. the bill was a direct response
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to that decision. the governor said the measure could divert attention away from a true emergency. the governor did sign new legislation that targets abuse by car dealers who sell older cars to people with bad credit. now they will have to provide warranties for at least 30 days and post a fair market value on the vehicles they are selling. governor brown vetoed a bill that limited the interest rates. he has eight bills left to sign or veto before tonight's deadline. in vallejo, federal investigators are helping police with a fire they say was intentionally set to destroy the law offices of mayor ostby davis. it start the early yesterday morning in vallejo. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the details. >> reporter: the in said of mayor ostby davis's private law office is a burned-out shell of melted machines, singed walls and crime scene tape.
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police say this is a fire that is more than just suspicious. >> because we suspect it is an arson and because we are characterizing this as perhaps a form of domestic terrorism, we've involved the fbi and hps. >> we were able to get the first look inside as they were sifting through the damage. it was clear the mayor was still shaken by the fire and didn't want to say much. >> so what is your feeling about all of this? >> i'm not going to express my feelings. i'm just telling you they are going through the investigation and we are trying to piece together the pieces and we will deal with what we have to deal with. >> fire teams were age to quickly knock down the flames when they arrived. >> heavy smoke and fire coming from one of the windows. a front window waiting areas. >> inside the office the front door and waiting area had been sealed off with crime scene tape. investigators say this is where the fire started but they have not yet said how it started. now friends of the mayor are speculating about why this happened. >> i believe it was a direct attack against mayor davis. i believe that this has been in
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regards to his deciding to stand up and call in the a. g., the attorney general, in regards to what is happening in the city of saleh hoe. >> off-camera they said they have repeatedly targeted his office. he showed us a small collection of rox hurled through the windows the last couple months following the fire. they are now concerned for davis' safety. >> any reason to believe the mayor might be in danger? >> that's a difficult question to answer. i would certainly tell you that we are going to take all the precautionary steps to address the incident. >> in vallejo, sergio quintana, abc7 news. in downtown san jose investigators are trying to determine the cause of a huge fire that tore through a warehouse yesterday t broke out on east heading street near tenth shortly before 2:30 a.m.. crews say they could see a huge column of smoke as they were driving to the fire. when they arrived the commercial
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building was fully engulfed. officials say the budding was a total loss with only some walls left stand . the family of an 18-year-old man killed by oakland police rallied around racial profiling and police brutality yesterday. demonstration took place at the east mount mall police station in oakland. back in may allen beauford and few men were stopped and searched by police. that's when he was shot three times after he ran for unknown reasons. their job is to protect and serve. that's no service. and we got no protection. and it's a shame. it's a shame. everybody should be outraged. >> oakland police say blu ford had a gun found near his body at the scene. the family says that weapon was planted. new this morning the woman charged with murdering nursing student michelle lee goes on
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trial tomorrow. 28-year-old giselle esteban killed her last year because she blamed him for ruining her relationship with her further. lee's body was found new months later in a remote area between pleasanton and simole. an alameda grand jury reviewed the evidence last december and indicted esteban for murder. a mom accused of ditches her daughter in morgan hill during a shoplifting incident has an extradition hearing scheduled tomorrow in nevada. this is 38-year-old marcy keelin's mug shot. she was arrested friday night in a nevada hotel room with her 11-month-old son and a friend. authorities had been looking for her for nine days.
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the search began after she left her 10-year-old daughter with a cart of groceries they were trying to steal at this safe way. in washington an 11-year-old boy is safe this morning affeldt a grocery store employs stopped a would-be kidnappers in their tracks. it happened at the albertson store. a man followed the boy into a restroom and dragged him into a stall. a group of employees heard him screaming and came to his rescued and held down the man until police arrived. coming up next, a grim milestone in afghanistan. an american serviceman's death marks the 2,000th in the 11-year war. and also we are going to check in
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>> protesttors in spain have turned violent. tens of thousands demonstrated against as you stare try
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measures yesterday. in madrid protesters clashed with police for the third time in less than a week. the death of an american service member in afghanistan marks a grim milestone. 2,000 american troops have died in the 11-year-old war. the pentagon suspects an insider attack by forces yesterday killed a u.s. service member and also a contractor. two russ army members died in the attack. the count began with the u.s. invasion on october 7, 2001. u.c. berkeley honored a former graduate who died tragically earlier this month. ambassador christopher stevens was killed in a terrorist attack on the u.s. consulate in libya. before yesterday's cal football game the 52-year-old was honored with a moment of silence. the university also announced the creation of a memorial fund in his name. she is the international
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symbol of personal sacrifice and struggle for human rights and a noble peace prizewinner. this morning burmese political activity is in san francisco. yesterday she was met by protesters and admires alike when she spoke to mechanics of the burmese community at the university of san francisco. the nation's third largest burmese population turned out by the thousands to hear her talk about the political changes she's bringing about in their homeland. for 15 years the ruling government kept her under house arrest. now she enjoys popular support and serves as a member of burma's parliament. >> we look to have people from all over the world to help us in our transition to a genuine democratic society. >> congresswoman nancy pelosi presented her with an honorary doctorate from the university of san francisco and the may your, he had lee, give her a key to the city.
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today she heads for los angeles and then leaves for burma tomorrow. authorities in los angeles say work is on schedule to reopen a ten-mile stretch of one of the world's busiest freeways in time for tomorrow morning's commute. this is a live look at interstate 405 over the pass connecting west l. a. to the san fernando valley. the freeway has been shut down since friday night while crews demolish an overpass. it's being called carmageddon 2 because of the potential to create a traffic nightmare throughout l.a. if work doesn't get finished in time. last year was carmageddon 1 and this time they say so far so good. here's a preview of the accuweather forecast. >> we had some fog yesterday. today we are still looking at warmer conditions. here's a look outside from the roof camera. temperatures in the lower 50s,
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fog at the coast. still clear around the bay. you get a glimpse of that full moon, almost full. we are talking about still upper 90s inland and warm temperatures to start the week. your forecast is next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, the amazing a's do it again. another walk-off victory in dramatic fashion over seattle. mike shum
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 5:18 on this final sunday of september. thanks for waking up and joining us for abc7 sunday morning news. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge. a lot of fog right now, but obviously going to burn off today. lisa argen says things are heating up and she will be along with the full accuweather forecast in just a few. bart trains are being rerouted around the pleasant hills station this weekend which means one of the platforms is going to be closed. bart is trying to stop the water that is dripping from the con course ceiling. there is also water that's collected around the fair gates during the winter months. it tense through four weekends between now and the end of
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october. so check with bart on how to get around all that work. a record number of riders are taking caltrain so now the system is adding six more trains starting tomorrow. two will be brand new trains. four others that were mothballed because of budget cuts are being restored. caltrain is also rearranging its schedule to give passengers greater flexibility. it also adds a silicon valley stop for twelve limited service trains n june caltrain averaged 50,000 riders every weekday. you can now have an energy plant in your own backyard. all you need is one of these. it's our solar tree made by a central valley company. the solar tree is connected to your electric grid so you can earn energy credits while enjoying the shade. it's a smaller alternative to solar panels on the roof. the company is targeting electric car owners with a solar tree that has charging stations. well, the sun is definitely
5:20 am
going to be out there in full force. our meteorologist lisa argen talking weather. >> yes. we are looking at the clearing. still some fog along the shoreline. it's patchy, though. vollmer peak, the sun up after seven. we will enjoy another nice september day. last day of the month. this will bring us into a subtle transition into october because we are still going to be warm to start the work week. live doppler 7 hd right now picking up a little bit in the way of low clouds and fog. the fog is dense along the central coast around half moon bay and also monterey and watsonville some fog and also right on through the golden gate up through mill valley and a little bit in south city this morning. certainly less than yesterday but we are still talking about that light on shore flow. but we are still going to warm up significantly around the bay today. 51 in san francisco. a cool start in santa rosa. good morning, 45 there. it's 54 in oakland with upper
5:21 am
50s for fremont and the fog. yes, right here half moon bay along the coast. our forecast then mild around the coast this afternoon. and we will look for the rapid warmup throughout the day today. in fact, the hottest day still on tap to be tomorrow with tuesday maybe a degree or two of cooling at our coast. but once again, it looks as though we are going to hold on to this warmth throughout the next couple of days. so in effect, the air quality management system has allowed for another spare the air day today with pure air quality not only in our east bay and the santa clara valley but up into the north bay. also with the weak on shore flow we should have better air quality along the coast and around the bay. here's the water vapor imagery. we have a couple areas of high pressure and that is the setup for a slight offshore flow in the higher elevations. there's an area of low pressure here to the south and west of us. so all indications point to a
5:22 am
rapid warmup today. and, in fact, not much changed through the early part of the week. so if you like it warm, certainly going to be hot inland, but that weak sea breeze and the cool -- rapid cooling that take place after sunset will allow for really the temperatures not to be as hot and hold on to the heat like we usually do in the summertime. as a result, it should be not too hard to take, although definitely keep in mind we have high fire danger and, of course, the heat definitely strenuous on the he wouldler i and young. temperatures at our coast, big sur, low 80s here. looking upper 90s in sacramento. 9 in the sierra nevada. look for mid-80s in oakland. a warm day for the a's again. 90s to upper 90s in our inland valley. no relief here. pretty quick warmup afternoon time. 87 in palo alto with mid-80s santa cruz and by 4:00 you should hit the low 70s around
5:23 am
monterey. the academy whenever seven-day forecast calls for the heat to continue tomorrow and just a couple degrees of cooling on tuesday. wednesday notice inland still in the 90s, but by next weekend we will be talking much cooler whether with maybe some extra clouds around. you have heard about it probably by now. all the 49,000 viewers that liked us on facebook and all of you are eligible to enter a sweep tax extensions to win $49,000. go to and click on the button. it will take you to this button and you can fill out the entry form. we will announce the winner after the 49ers game. look forward to. >> that yeah, i guess we aren't eligible. >> no. but someone will win. >> let's talk about sports. in a few hours the 49ers will try to rebound from last week's disappointing loss when they battled the new york jets. the raiders travel to denver to face the rival broncos.
5:24 am
oakland a's magic number to clinch a wildcard now stands at three of a another dramatic walk off victory yesterday at the coliseum. here's mike shumann with the highlights of the big win over the mariners in this morning's sports. good morning. well, the a's are the drama queens of baseball this season. they get a lead. they blow it, they tie it up and win it with a walk-off in extra innings. that drama continued yesterday against seattle as the a's get closer to clinching the wildcard sot. every game is important for bob melvin and his boys. fourth inning, 2-0. michael saunders goes deep. straily went four, allowed 4 runs. 3-0 mariners. donaldson with a man on. outta here. two-run shot to tie the game. amazing a's do it again. we head to extras. bottom of the ten, brandon moss with two men on. see ya. three run shot and the team walks off for the fourth time this year.
5:25 am
they are 2 1/2 back of the rangers in the west and 2 1/2 ahead of the angels for the final wildcard. giants and padres in san diego. giants get on the board first in the first. hunter pence, three-run shot off eric stults. his 23rd of the year. just like that 3-0, g-men. next pitch. xavier out of cal, goes deep to center. cameron may be has a leap continue. great catch. took a chunk out of the wall in the process. madison bumgarner on the mound and he got rocked. third inning, chase headley two-run shot. padres take the 4-3 lead. bumgarner for innings. giants go on to lose it 7-3. all right. who has the bsst record in bay area college football right now? that would be san jose state. spartans looking for their fourth straight victory hosted by navy. a defensive battle. johnson strips the quarterback tray miller. they recover and here we go.
5:26 am
not a lot of offense in the first quarter. here's a terrific play. he looks like he is sacked. escapes and stosses it up. makes an outstanding one arounded grab. they led 3-0 at the last. late third, navy with the play action. the pick-off. spartans led 6-0 after three quarters. then in the fourth. last chance for navy. 4th and 7th. spartans not fooled. they hold them to 144 yards of total offense, improving to 4-1, shutting out navy, 12-0, the final. cal and arizona state. rough season for jeff tedford. that seat is getting hot. a bullet to kevin. 9-yard td pass. they trail 9-7 at the half. zach maynard sacked six times. 9628 for 126 yards and one touchdown. we might as well show it to you. fourth quarter, maynard. a fade out to his brother allen. cal down, but arizona answers.
5:27 am
he finds kevin again. this time 22 yards and the touchdown. cal falls to 1-4, losing 27-17. >> we got beat by a better team today. they outplayed us in a lot of areas today. it's always disappoint to go lose a game. but seven conference games left and we have to go back to work. that's what i told the team. you know, we need to improve. >> jets in new york to take on the 49ers. raiders travel to denver to take on the broncos. both those highlights for you tonight at five. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> it's now just three days away. presidential candidates gear up for their first big debate. what they are doing to propose. and the east bay students who took an innovative new class and saved their school tens of thousands of dollars. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful
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>> leave from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> the first debate against president obama and his challenger mitt romney is just three days away. karen traverse reports on what both sides are doing to prepare for the showdown. >> president obama and mitt romney were out of the public eye as they get ready for that you are first debate this wednesday. with the campaign duties. and vice president biden stumped in florida for the second consecutive days. he slammed republicans and the bush administration for the skyrocketing deficit. >> by the time the reigns got turned back over to bach and me, they had doubled the national debt in eight years. >> with his path to the white house shrinking, florida is looking like a must-win area for romney. but his running mate focused on new hampshire. the granite state has just four
5:31 am
electoral votes but ryan said it could be the difference in a race that will come down to a handful of states. >> thank you, granite staters, for sending mitt romney to the white house and barack obama back to chicago. >> the campaign shifts into a stink stage with the high stacks showdown 2003 president obama and romney. >> if you take a look at the history of the debates, it's not about policies or facts. every change that happens in a debate if you look at history, it changes because of somebody's mannerisms or style. they either did badly or well. >> both will spend the next few days in against prep sessions. trailing in the policy, romney may have the most on the line and his campaign is look at this debate as a chance for a game changer. abc news, washington. is the debate showdown a make-or-break event for mitt romney? can president obama defend his record on the economy during his first term? that's the debate taking place this morning at 8:00 when republican new jersey governor
5:32 am
chris christie faces off with white house senior advisor david. don't miss "this week " coming up with stephanopoulos. assignments between 175 and $170 for jobs. for more information go to and click on see it on tv. critical mass events are continuing today in more than 300 cities worldwide. as the group celebrates two decades of pushing for cyclists rights. in san francisco a farewell bike ride begins at 1:00 this afternoon. starting at 16th and valencia and heading to ocean beach. friday's massive anniversary ride through san francisco
5:33 am
snarled streets during the evening commute, but there were no arrests. bay area moms are supporting a georgia mother who was kicked out of other restaurant after refusing to breastfeed her baby in the restroom. a nurse-in was held at this apple bees in alameda yesterday. a group called mother's right to choose organized the sit-in. >> nation-wide rally to support dawn holland, a mother who was kicked out of a georgia apple bees for breastfeeding her child. the cops were called on her for that. >> appleby's has issues an official statement calling it an unfortunate misunderstanding. new this morning, tomorrow san rafael leaders will consider marin county's most strict anti-smoking ordinance to date. it would ban smoking at all apartments and condominiums, in addition to many outdoor spaces such as bus, parks and patios.
5:34 am
sidewalks will also be off-limits. however, our media partner, the mariner independent journal, says a draft ordinance allows smoke in those areas if someone is walking while they are puffing away. san francisco's expanded plastic bag ban begins tomorrow. you will have to take ten cents for a paper or compostable bag from your retailer. nunn of them will be allowed to offer you plastic. it goes beyond big box and grocery stores and includes smaller mom and pop operations. in july of next year it expands to include restaurants. the ban is intended to help san francisco reach its zero waste goal. some smart students are brainstorming to help their school safe money. they are members of livermore high school's green engineering academy and they took part in a major effort to cut energy costs in the district. abc7 news reporter nick smith has their story.
5:35 am
>> we all got together and started being geeky. >> reporter: these six students are part of livermore's high school green engineering academy. it's designed to promote engineering through hands on opportunity and is only offered to 60 students a year. the shared experience shared a connection. >> we were able to lerner together and have fun and making fun of each other while we are in the science fair together. >> together they applied their skills to find ways to save their school districts tens of thousands of colors in energy costs. something the las of 1936 never had to worry about. >> it's baby steps you have to take to lead to a big difference. it's what you have to do. every light switch counts. >> for example, this lamp is an older system. it's about one and a half inches in diameter and uses more energy than newer models. >> their cool, they know it best, and they can help us out with specific counts and specific information.
5:36 am
the project was made 'baseball pg&e innovator pilot program wherein saytors like duane are brought on board to do an energy audit. in this case he was teamed with those who know the campus best, the members of the green engineering academy. >> that measure we identified was about 100,000kwh of annual savings which i think is $14,000 for the school each year that they would save. >> the students were able to identify more than 45 quad lamps, multiple thermostats and old computers that were outdated and simply sucking up too much energy to be cost effective in today's classroom. a simple upgrade was an opportunity for real savings. a move the district business officer looking to make every penny count can appreciate. >> and that saved us like $70,000 for a small investment. i mean, we do have to pay money to save money. but the return on investment is very short. >> when they put the green measures in place, livermore high school could save as much as $34,000 annually.
5:37 am
the best part, unless your school is new, every school has an opportunity to save as much in energy costs. in livermore, nick smith, ay7 news. >> coming up, the annual oracle user conference starts tonight at the moscone center. >> and also a piece of history buried below the streets of san francisco. we will show you the unusual find. and here is a live look from our emeryville hd camera. it's going to be in the low 80s in emeryville today. lisa argen will have more on that and your forecast in just a few minu
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 5:39. hope your early sunday morning
5:40 am
is off to a good start. this is a live look from our roof cam hd showing you the embarcadero and the bay bridge there. san francisco should be nice today. eventually the fog is going to lift. a lot of activities going on today. lisa argen will be along to talk to you more about the microclimates, the heat wave that's on the way, and the rest of the weather in just a few minutes. an unusual find in san francisco. part of the old city hall destroyed by the big quake and fire more than 100 years ago just recently turned up. crews discovered the ruins on fulton and hide streets about two blocks from where the current city hall now stands. >> people who central along the sidewalk by san francisco's civic center probably have no idea that below them is a piece of the past. when the great quake of 1906 struck, it left the magnificent
5:41 am
city hall in ruins. now crews have made a historic find, remnants of the old structure. crews were jackhammering here, making room to plant a tree, when they discovered this brick foundation. >> what the earthquake didn't destroy in 1906, the demolition crews shortly thereafter did. what we have here are the foundations. it's a pretty big foundation. it's brick on top of granite on top of an enormous concrete. >> rebecca is the historic preservation director for the people who own the property. it was part of the eastern wing of what was then city hall. the entire building took 26 years to construct. this section on hide street actually with stood the quake. an architectural his storial beliefs examining what is left
5:42 am
could answer key questions about seismic safety. >> we could lerner something from these foundations about the later, the last stages of construction in the late 1890s that made this portion survive better. >> the spectacular new city hall was built in 1915 and now casts a long shadow over the old. >> quite the find. the construction work is bogey to stop for a few weeks while historians document that discovery. oracle world starts today in san francisco with ceo larry allison scheduled to speak tonight. the annual user conference is being held at the moscone center. its expected to attract about 50,000 people. the event will likely generate an estimated $120 million in revenue for the city. it features the inaugural oracle music festival, as well as a user appreciation event with pearl jam performing on treasure
5:43 am
island wednesday night. oracle will open world runs through thursday. lisa argen here now. the folks coming in are going to be treated to a little bit of postie weather, right? >> yeah. it's going to be beautiful in the city with mid-70s. still some fog out there. we are talking four to ten degrees of warming today. 60s and 70s around the bay. still very warm inland. light winds. we will put it all together for you next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, berkeley becomes a stage for diversity. you can check out the big free-for-all today. >> you can now get your credit score for free. i'm michael finney and i will show you how to do it and then how to u
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> welcome back, everyone. time right now, 5:45. this is a live look showing you san jose. i know you know the way to san jose where today it's going to be -- well, right now it's
5:46 am
56 degrees and clear skies. on this september 30ing, just 92 days until the end of the year. so get prepared. >> shakespeare said all the world is a stage and the u.c. berkeley campus becomes a stage filled with diversity today. it's cal performances third annual fall free for all. arts and entertainment reporter don sanchez has a preview. >> the music can be hot. >> or classical. or dance rooted in thousands of years in tradition. cal performances fall free for all defies classification. the auditorium, and casual spots on the cal campus come alive with performances that define the wealth of bay area culture. >> not only the breadth of cultural offerings there are and the breadth and depth, but also the quality. >> this is a dance from northern
5:47 am
india. typical of what you will find in the fall free for all on sunday. showing the diversity of cultures in the bay area. the he is steamed indian dance group is rehearsing, hard slamming the ground with their feet. those bells each weigh four pounds. costume is heavy, too. >> it come beans the physicality, the musicality, and the spirituality as well and also math because of the rhythms we do. it's highly improv invitational. >> and there will be other groups to duluth clouds at otherren news. a true showcase. >> we call it our big open embrace to the whole bay area. cal performance has over 120 performance as year >> they offer up educational programs, in addition to conference in the hall. fall free for all is from 11 to 6 everywhere on the cal campus on sunday. in berkeley, don sanchez, abc7
5:48 am
news. i love stuff like that. and today will be a good day, wouldn't it, lisa? >> really the hot, hot weather well inland. you folks prepare for that while the rest of the bay will be enjoying a pretty comfortable weather. that warmup we promised on the way with the excessive heat watch from the national weather service has been dropped. as we look outside, here's a look at our high definition emeryville camera. see the fog? there's a little haze out there. we have fog at our coast. it will clear. so the blues festival at poke street looks nice and sunny and comfortable today. a light west wind will allow for temperatures to still be in the 60s. but in the mid-and upper 60s at our coast with 70s still forecasted for the city. live doppler 7 hd not picking up much in the way of low clouds although we have dense fog along the central coast and there is fog coming through the golden gate this morning. also a little bit into southern
5:49 am
marin and also on the south side of the city there. so be careful if you are headed out this morning for a bike ride or run. we will look for the fog to leng entire the early morning hours. right now temperatures are mainly in the 50s, although the protective valleys of the north bay, 45 santa rosa. 46 half moon bay with visibility down to about a quarter of a mile there. 58 in mountain view with mid-50s and the clear sky in san jose. so certainly not as much fog as we had for saturday morning and today the numbers will be about four to six, seven degrees warmer inland. yesterday we saw the low 90s in livermore. still looking at temperatures in the upper 90s there. while 70s and 80s wrap around the bay and we will see the rapid warmup today when the fog pulls back and evaporates probably about 10:00 or so, 11:00 from the coast. we look at the warm weather continuing into tomorrow and
5:50 am
tuesday and then by wednesday looking at more of a general cool down. due to the heated to the light winds, the quick warmup and the low relative humidity, we have the particulate matter down at the surface, that ground level ozone so that is creating a spare the air day for poor air quality. inland east bay, santa clara valley and also up into the north bay. so the setup. it was double barrel high pressure to the north and south of us. so that will allow for this warm air, a bubble of warm air to overtake much of the bay area today. and also into the east bay, as well as the sacramento valley. so even southern california looking at warm weather. we have the light sea breeze at the coast. although we will lose the fog and it will still be comfortable there. keep that in mind. also the beach hazard still into effect until tomorrow and that's along the central coast, including santa cruz, the boardwalk there, natural bridges. so some dangerous rip currents to the south of us. if you are headed to oakland today for the afternoon, it will
5:51 am
be warmer than yesterday with upper 70s there to mid-80s. so nice afternoon. taking you back home, look at those mid-70s for san francisco. mid-60s half moon bay with the fog pulling back, 90s for the north bay, upper 90s east bay and 89 san jose and down by the monterey bay. a nice afternoon with 80s in santa cruz with 93 in hollister. so the accuweather seven-day forecast, it's been hot inland for, you know, much of the summer. the rest of the bay area hasn't had the warmth so today, tomorrow looks pretty warm, as well as tuesday. a little bat of cooling comes our way wednesday and more significantly the end of the work week. so i said yesterday it hadn't been a warm summer. >> yeah. >> and east bay folks, you know, beg to differ. >> yeah. a lot of the rest of us have been waiting for some days like this. >> yeah, i agree. >> thank you, lisa. you know, there are a lot of offers out there that claim to be free, but they really aren't free. so many, in fact, that when within offer truly is free eats
5:52 am
worth talking about. so here's 7 on your side's michael finney doing the talking. don't give me anything too tricky. >> a friendly game of ping-pong with the ceo of san francisco's bay credit karma. the company believes consumers shouldn't have to pay for their own credit score. >> we are a completely free site and helping coupers track their credit online for free. >> cooper of oakland uses credit karma for that purpose. the 48-year-old single dad was a victim of identity theft. >> it just gave me the peace of mind that i was keeping an eye on things. >> here's how it works. users can access their credit core for free. now not the widely-used fico score, but that's not the point here. joe is with consumer action. >> credit karma givessa score that is not very useful just by itself. if you keep track of that score and find out if it's going up or
5:53 am
down, that is also going to be mimicking whether or not your real credit score, fico score, is going up or down. >> it isn't the only site. similar service the. credit seseme gives you a free fake fico score but there's a difference. >> i like credit karma more because you can pull your report every day and finds out how it changes every day. with credit sesame you have to wait a month for new information. >> credit karma is tieser supported and that keeps it free for the 7.5 million users >> a lot of the other free credit sites say they are free but they around. if you don't cancel you get charged. >> i wouldn't have used it if it wasn't free. >> another way to get a free credit report is go to but that does not include your credit score. we have links of everything mentioned in this report on our website at
5:54 am
i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> coming up next, one for the ages. a grandma in indiana celebrates her 90s birthday [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful
5:55 am
...but add some ham and cheese ...roll them up in some crescent dough and tada, thursday is now... a ham & cheese crescent roll-up wonder pillsbury crescents, let the making begin. can dodge a question. honey, how'd that test go? [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. mmmm. mmm hmmm. mmmm. [ female announcer ] it's on. let's roll.
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's $28 million super lotto plus. >> you might want to look carefully because two tickets got all six numbers. one was purchased in milpitas at ocean supermarket. the other was bought at a store in clear lakes oaks and each ticket is worth $13 million. an indiana grandmother celebrated her 90s birthday this weekend by risking her life. rose mary parsons showed off her bound less energy by doing friends as family and friends wished her happy birthday. she's also beenenner jettics and would do just about anything.
5:57 am
yesterday she went skydiving for the first time at age 90 and after a safe landing she came back saying that was awesome, you should try it. coming up next at six, it looks like indian summer is here with another spare the air day today. lisa argen will have the accuweather forecast. also, a suspicious bay area fire, and now the fbi is involved. why officials are so concerned. and a political fight gets so heated, punches are thrown. one man is arrested.
5:58 am
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